Ah, the ampersand. Also known as this guy: &.

Broadly speaking I have nothing against this pithy two character-saving item of typography. It serves its purpose remarkably well for all manner of things, from platitudinous small business naming, to those tweets where you’re straddling the 140-character limit and can’t bring yourself to omit that final full-stop.

My real gripe comes when you plonk it in front of an otherwise fine football garment.

Earlier this summer the club ramped up its face-to-face engagement with fans with a nicely-organised audience with Mark Robins, followed by the launch of the new kit. The Robins chat seemed to go without a hitch, as did the launch of what is, by all measures, an attractive all-sky blue shirt for City to play in next season.

However, this is now the third season that we’ve had to emblazen a kit with the monstrosity of a logo provided by club sponsor Allsopp &Allsopp – conjured up by Wayne the intern as he gets to grip with the complexities of Microsoft WordArt.

This is now the third season that we’ve had to emblazen a kit with a monstrosity of a logo.

I’m completely aware that this is a daft annoyance, as we’re definitely not alone in our shirts coming fastened with nasty logos from incongruous sponsors. It’s just for years I’ve waited patiently for the evolution from Pony and Ribeiro into the realm of the fancy Nike or Adidas kits (even if they are templates and we’re not genuinely affiliated) and so far each one has been utterly shagged by this rotten ampersand.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Allsopp & Allsopp are tremendous sponsors and even better estate agents, but for the sake of our kit; for my precious eyeballs and sartorial taste, I’d love us to do something about it next season. It’s putting me off.


  1. If you’re going to moan about someone at least do some research All’s ok & All’s ok are Estate Agents not Lawyers

    1. Excellent point. Thank you Stan. I’ve changed it… although we’ll both still know that I messed it up in the first place and that’s going to wind me up something chronic.

      In my defence, I’m daftly moaning about the unattractive appearance of a swirly letter, rather than Allsopp & Allsopp’s entire being. If anyone is going to be pissed off with me it’ll probably be the Romans.

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