News coming from the Ricoh this morning is that Aidy Boothroyd has been told to bugger off. Even given the horrendous run of results we’ve been on since Christmas (which would have left most managers with the sack, let’s face it), I imagine this will still come as a bit of a shock to many fans.

The romantic view is that we finally find a manager who is given time to build a team. I can see there being a lot of cross people who disagree with removing yet another one.

While I agree that continuity is important, the massive flaw in that plan is what to do if things are going the way of relegation after the first season. Do you stick with a manager and show blind faith that he will miraculously become great? We did that with Coleman and ended up going backwards after two and a bit years.

If we’d had the great start to the season, then tailed off slightly towards the end, you’d still be able to acknowledge the work done in the first half. What we’ve seen throughout the current campaign however are instances of such inflexibility, which have rendered us the softest touch in the league. It’s hard to find any positive right now.

Looking back at Aidy’s time here, he brought bounds of enthusiasm, and if you wanted ambitious talk, he did it better than anyone. I always had time for him when he spoke about his plans, but his downfall has been his single-mindedness in how he sets the team out. Whether conscious or not, his methods haven’t worked, and unfortunately there didn’t appear to be any signs that he had the ability to develop a team that could do much else. You can only guess how much of a hit our reputation has taken too – if you were a Premier League club, would you send one of your youngsters to Coventry to develop?

It sounds like there was a lot of pressure on him to stop playing Clive Platt and change things. He changed things alright, but unfortunately that simply became the smash-to-whoever-is-playing-there tactic, rather than anything else more fundamental.

Looking at the top half of the Championship, it appears the days of bashing your way to promotion have long-gone – if Aidy hadn’t worked that out already, he bloody well knows now.

Thanks for your efforts Aidy – shame it didn’t work out.



  1. Is now a good time to mention that perhaps that “ill informed” and “delusional” QPR writer who said Coventry were absolutely awful under Aidy Boothroyd wasn’t quite so “ill informed” and “delusional” after all?

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