In case you missed it, Aidy had a bit of a chat about us on Late Kick Off last night. As always, he talks ever so well. Very ambitious, which has once again wooed me no-end (how very predictable).

I think his comments on the term ‘realistic’ in particular are very much aligned with how I feel about things. No reason to wait around, aiming for mid-table your whole life, while the Blackpools, Burnleys and Swanseas turn into good clubs. You’ll only stay waiting forever.

While I’m jotting, should just register my pleasure at the performance on Saturday against Sheffield United. Even though we didn’t win, I’d go as far to say that was our best performance of the season. I can’t recall bossing any game this year, so it was a welcome relief to finally see it. We smashed them.

We deserved the 3 points, but sometimes, games don’t go for you. Saturday was one of those days, so I’m happy to focus on the positives and making sure we carry those into our next game.

Right, have a watch of the Aidster… (On second thoughts, that’s not the best nickname I could have given him).

Aidy Boothroyd’s ambition for Coventry City – BBC Sport

Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd talks to Late Kick Off’s Laura May McMullan about his ambitions for the Sky Blues, who in May will have been out of the Premier League for 10 years.

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