In lieu of any meaningful words off the back of Monday’s draw, I’ve cobbled together the following infographic based on all your player ratings during August.

While the real value in these figures will come as we move further into the season, these give a decent indication of the most consistent players during a tough opening month to the season, and those most worthy of our praise.

If this is of any use to you, I might carry on doing it for the rest of the season.

But for now – congrats Adam Armstrong. We’ve bloody loved you so far, so much so that you’ve been named the Sky Blues Blog player of the month. Nicely done.

CCFC in numbers - Aug 2015


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  1. if as was reported, tony Mowbray ( who I really rate) is worried we re down to the bare bones n players why then hell did we let swanson go and oly sign the guy from Valetta who isn’t fit? it doesn’t make sense. we cant keep getting loans, remember last season ? we couldnt play more than 5 and had to leave them out of the quad. have we learnt nothing?

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