I liked August more.

Sure, we played more games during August so the law of averages suggests there was more opportunity for excitement, but going from 13 goals to just 4 is a bit of a disappointment.

The player ratings throughout the month tell the story of a team that’s struggled to match the same blistering standards they set the month previous. We all recognise that for the most part there was a dip in performance levels.

Either way – a pat on the back goes to Jacob Murphy who gets player of the month. Admittedly with a decidedly normal average rating of 6.75, but all told I’d certainly agree with that conclusion. He’s had a good impact on the team.

To put that average rating in the context of our wild opening month, Adam Armstrong’s average during August was 7.44.

So there’s clearly been a drop, but let’s look on the bright side – we won 50% of our matches. Do that for the rest of the season and we’re going to showing the top end of the table a lot of interest.


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