What is happening here??

JOE COLE. Former England International and my ruddy footballing idol Joe Cole is what’s happening.

35 days loan or not, this is a statement. I moaned at the back end of last season about the lack of ambition and assertiveness in our goals coming from the club.

This is what I was talking about. This is what I wanted.

This is more than just Joe Cole for Joe Cole’s sake. This is finally a change in how we’re positioning ourselves, and it’s already showing in how the club is being perceived externally. A signing like this for a League One club demonstrates that we’re finally willing to puff out our chests for the first time in decades and say “yeah, we’re going for this”. You look at the team and the reputation for the high quality football that Tony Mowbray is nurturing and you realise this isn’t just the illusion of ambition. We actually mean it this year.

Sure, those from afar will look at this and may scoff at the level of excitement we’ve shown this afternoon about getting in a 33 year old midfielder who isn’t playing for Villa, but in the context of where we are right now in the development of both our football team and our club culture, stuff like this is a big deal.

He may not be on the pitch tomorrow but what I really hope is that today’s shot of exhilaration is enough to cause many fans to re-evaluate their current stance. Not with Sisu, that grudge isn’t going to change and I get that – I’m thinking along the lines of making a return to the Ricoh. The last few years have been taxing, but all we’ve ever wanted is a team that we can finally get behind and feel confident in, and I’m telling you now – this is the one.

It’s not arrogance to say that. We’re Coventry City, we don’t know how to be arrogant. This is what belief looks like.

Yours deliriously,



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