A wet and windy 2-2 draw causes some friction at Lamptey Towers despite us staying top of the league (well, for a couple of days). The boys also come to blows over the impact of missed chances, (ours against them), gifted chances (theirs by us), and the acceptable use of the word ‘issues’.

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  1. Great show, as ever, gentlemen!
    To me there’s no question that Bradford and Donny were four points dropped.
    Now is the hour, now is the opportunity and the Sky Blues must grab it while it’s here.
    We will not have this team next season so if we don’t get promoted this time out it will be back to the drawing board next term.
    Carpe diem City!

    1. Cheers Robbie! Totally agree with you โ€“ dropping those points was frustrating and puts the pressure on us now to grab a vital three points against Sheff Utd. Fortunately for us weโ€™ve shown on many occasions already this season that weโ€™re more than capable of doing it.

      Even if it does go tits up against them, I have total faith in our quality. Promotion awaits!

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