Football is a game. Games should be fun. Unless it’s Game of Thrones, in which case it’s quite, quite angry (and quite, quite rude).

With this premise in mind, and following a flurry of demand (one person) – I’ve reopened the Sky Blues Blog league on the official Premier League Fantasy Football ( site.

Yes, I know we’re not in the Premier League any more, and taking an interest is sacrilege. But it’s a bloody good laugh, and I know personally I’ve nothing better to do than sit up till 3am picking my squad for the weekend’s matches.

So, join me. There should probably be a prize in it for the winner, although I don’t know what that will be just yet. I can hardly nip down to the Ricoh to pick up a shirt or matchday ticket, can I.

How to join

Already know all about the Official Fantasy Premier League?

Here’s your invitation – Visit this link and sign in. If you don’t have a team, you’ll be prompted to sign up and build one first.

Never used it before?

If you get lost in all of that, just visit the Fantasy Premier League site and use the following code when you’re all signed up and ready to join the league: 1349631-306615.

And that’s it. Needless to say this all kicks off the same weekend as the Premier League.

Happy coming 2nd to me.


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