News breaking this morning that we’ve signed Gary Gardner from Villa on a short loan. Yep, a loan player – take a seat, this is actually happening!

The immediate reaction will be to compare him to his brother, and while that’s not particularly fair, we should be excited to have him here, because this guy is the real talent. Craig Gardner is a right good player and has proven that for years, but we’ve got an absolute starlet in Gary. I saw him score for the under-21s recently and he looked very composed and comfortable with the ball, which for someone who has yet to play first team football, is a great sign to be doing it at under-21 level, given the standard they play at now. Villa fans are really very keen on this lad.

It might only be a month, but these things soon change and if he can make an impression I’m sure the option to extend will arise… Either that or the gits’ll then want him back to loan to another club. Or want him back themselves, which is more likely. But let’s worry about that later.

I think in this instance Thorn is right to pass up on experience to take on young Gary. We need quality, and while still young, he is quality. A good midfielder, who gets goals too (just bagged himself a hat trick against Ajax kids), we’re desperate for a bit of confidence – really hope we can harness some of Gary’s while he’s with us.

Absolutely no pressure at all, son… Welcome to the club – you won’t believe how glad we are to see you.


  1. Great news about GG. I just hope he doesn’t get given ‘saviour’ status like Cody McDonald was. Poor CM must have felt like the world was on his shoulders when he signed. And now look at him…

  2. Haha, very true. I think we’ve learned having watched the team since August that we need a whole lot more than one saviour. Great player to get though, like you say – would love it to be longer.

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