If you’ve not seen this already, I’ve done a piece for the Guardian today as part of their League One Half-Term report.

Read it here: League One 2013-14: The fans’ half-term report

There was a concern that it’d be rendered out of date when the rumour-mill cranked into gear last night, but as you all know by now the interesting news turned out to be a couple of doodles.

So my points in the piece remain; this entire saga is entirely unnecessary.



  1. You are back after a short winter break, I thought you had given up the ghost which would be sort of understandable in the crazy Sky Blue world we live in.
    As this is by far the best source of interesting and constructive sky blue comment and opinion (cov mad is reasonable and reliable, sky blue talk can only be described as utterly inane, cet umm!…..) I for one am delighted you are back for Christmas!
    Reasons to be cheerful part 1: SP, LC, JF and CW
    Reasons to be cheerful part 2: we are more likely to get promoted than relegated.
    Reasons to be cheerful part 3: the owners, yes them, appointed SP and have backed him with new signings and three loan signings when we really needed them
    Reasons to be cheerful part 4: most of our young boys are on longish contracts
    Reasons to be cheerful part 5: Villa might get relegated!
    Reasons to contemplate throwing one’s self of a cliff part 1: the owners have been highly effective in destroying cohesion amongst our fan base
    Reasons to be contemplating throwing one’s self of a cliff: our home league attendances are probably the lowest in the football league
    Reasons to contemplate throwing one’s self of a cliff: both the above are unlikely to change this side of next Christmas

    1. Ta Alfie, can’t keep me quiet for long. Just fancied a bit of a break, will be back firing over Xmas and the new year I’m sure!

  2. Just been doing some stats analysis. Only 1 team has scored more goals than us – Man City with 57. But only 3 have conceded more – Millwall (49); Crewe (47); Tranmere (44). Fulham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Gillingham and Stevenage have all shipped as many goals as us. 6 of these 8 clubs are in their league’s ‘drop zone’ – Gillingham and Fulham are just keeping their heads above water. We lie 10th, 5th on points gained before the damned 10 point penalty. What an absolutely crackers season!
    Happy New Year fellow Sky Blues!

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