Fact. Or at least that’s what we’d be looking at according to another spectacular piece of work by Ben Mayhew at Experimental 361.

You may remember a similar piece last season which was in part prompted by me moaning about how bloody useless City were in the final 5 minutes of games. He was able to expand upon this point and visualise perfectly with a video that shows exactly what the table would look like throughout the different periods of the game.

He’s back again with another video, and what’s most striking as you watch us jump up and down the table, is the length of time we spend in the top six of the table. I think we’re all feeling pretty chuffed about how things are going just lately, but this probably demonstrates the lack of resilience we showed in those opening weeks, and actually the recent dropped points from winning positions too (Portsmouth and Scunthorpe).

For ease, I’ve embedded the YouTube vid here (I hope that’s OK, Ben), but you must go and look at his explanation of this, plus some other brilliant recent features which include Cov:


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