These forums are going well, aren’t they? The format has even managed to regulate itself:

  1. A fan asks a question – this is followed by an obligatory round of applause.
  2. Tim Fisher starts to answer – he is quickly heckled for being Tim Fisher.
  3. Linnell/Eakin panic because the people at home can’t hear the heckling.
  4. Fisher completes his answer – the fans hoot at its inadequacy.
  5. Another fan asks a question, which is actually the same as the previous question, worded slightly differently.
  6. Fisher answers the question, the same as the previous answer, worded slightly differently.
  7. Repeat to fade.

I mulled over going, but they’re just not for me. I knew I’d struggle with the pantomime nature, the hooting and whooping, and especially the relentless focus on the “minutiae” of the Holdings/Limited debate. Clearly it’s an important financial distinction which needs some clarity – but even so, those discussions just don’t grip me.

The primary value from these seems to be the opportunity for fans to finally vent their anger – directly at the man they’ve wanted to vent at for a long time. It might not be a particularly noble or constructive purpose, but for many, I can see why it’s important to get things off their chests. It’s an outlet – much like this blog is for me, actually.

As far as information gathering goes, Fisher’s simply not giving the answers the fans want to hear. If there was any intention of these being relationship-building events (it’s hard to imagine that was ever the case), it should be clear now that the relationship between most fans and Sisu – as they continually claim of their own relationship with the Council and ACL – is royally knackered.

It’s hard to predict if anything even vaguely positive is going to happen off the back of these group chats. Sisu and the Administrator clearly have plenty of decisions to make in the coming weeks; listening to the rowdy demands of the fans doesn’t appear to one of them though. I’ve a feeling we’re just going to get what we’re served – and have to put up with it.

But providing that results in us playing our first game of next season at the Ricoh Arena, I guess that’ll do me.

In the meantime, I’ll just continue on my June break, observing the wacky events of administration from afar, whilst enjoying the spectacularly linear posture of Conor Thomas on my official CCFC calendar.

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