Look at that face. Who could be mad at him? All relaxed in his jumper.

There’s no denying the mitigating circumstances. There’s no denying the endless nonsense we have to put up with from those in charge. There’s no denying that no matter how bad we’ve been this season, we’ve also fallen on the harsh side of a lot of luck.

But is that enough to keep Thorn from blame?

Has Andy Thorn’s own performance contributed to our demise? Is he doing the best job possible with the players he has? Or has he just been incredibly unlucky?

The mixed perspectives continue to divide the fans. We’re all pretty united in our condemnation of the squad he’s been left to work with, and apparent lack of backing from those darn management types. A supportive “Andy Thorn” chant will still, even now, get an outing at most games.

Yet, online, it’s a different story. You only have to look at the message boards, and they’re awash with criticism focused heavily at our crimson-faced leader.

Now seems like a good point to ask this question. I realise there have been similar polls recently, but as I have a far smaller readership, I’d quite like to gather your thoughts away from the hustle and bustle of the big sites.

In the interest of forcing an opinion, I shan’t make it any more complex than a simple yes/no. If you have a view either way, do vote. I’m genuinely interested in what you’re all thinking.

(Fantastic photo from the Coventry Telegraph. Please don’t batter me.)



  1. Get rid of Thorn, are you having a laugh. This poor bloke has had no chance of doing what he wants. Has been given no money and has had lose players because SISU wouldnt honour what they promised when they took over the club. Thorns style of play will be good for cov when hes got the right players. THORN TO STAY

  2. I like Thorn a lot but believe he is playing the wrong formation and it is time for a chnage. We have played his way for 4 months now and it’s not working. Time for a change with the formation and if Andy won’t do it then maybe a new manager who will.

  3. Cheers. Immediately some contrasting comments, shows how there’s probably not going to be a right or wrong, purely a different perspective, The formation one is an interesting argument. Is it possible that the problem stems from individuals in the formation simply not performing well enough (maybe they’re just not good enough? far too many individual mistakes), rather than an inherent problem with the formation itself?

  4. Formation hhhmmmm I agree to a certain level. Remember when you manage a team you pick a formation which suits the players you have to hand. We cannot play an attacking formation because we don’t have the players to play that way. Our strongest part of the game is midfield hence the diamond, sadly the players we have are not good enough to play at the championship level and that isn’t Thorns fault but the fault of the current board not adding to the current playing staff. The kids coming through are showing good signs but this league were currently in is just to string for them. Perhaps League 1 won’t be a bad thing and perhaps the kids we have can play and learnt he trade at that level for a season or two. Who knows what the best formation, the best manager etc is, all I know is, get behind Thorn and back him. Remember it’s not his fault its SISU’s fault END OF!!

  5. Formation is an issue as the diamond gives us no width other than from full back, which leaves us exposed when we inevitably lose the ball. Problem is we dont have any natural wide players or any pace. Not sure there is much Thorn can do about this now as he is not allowed to bring players in, but don’t forget that a lot of the guys we are having a go at for not being good enough (Bell, Baker etc) are Thorns recomendations as chief scout. Thorn needs to up his game or his time will be up. I for one like him but think he is out of his depth.

  6. Eight points of the pace at the end of the first half of the season does not bode well.All that anyone can hope for is that the young squad will finally gell and go on a tear in the second half.The owners are not going to take the risk and invest in a new manager and new players for the second half. It will cost too much.So lets get behind Andy and his boys.

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