Been a quiet week.

The Steven Pressley confusion continues. I love him, he is everything I want from a manager, and he pretty much makes the decisions I would – but it’s not working. If anything, that just shows the inherently randomness in football and how we place value in things which probably have no benefit or genuine influence.

But what does have influence?

There will be myriad views on what you do to make a team better. Whatever decision Pressley makes, it’ll annoy and offend someone. And it’s the impossibility of “right” which intrigues me. We all think we know, we all think there are things which will improve our chances – but the only thing that matters is victory. Change could fix things, but a new manager becomes little more than a shot in the dark, because you can guarantee that if anyone else came in he won’t have the same level of preparation as this team gets under Pressley. He is the blueprint of a manager, but what do you do when the blueprint isn’t working? Gamble on guesswork and a new boss, or stick with what you believe the club should be doing?

This game is massive. It’s almost December now, and in a season which we all should have been demanding a concerted promotion effort, we’re left on the brink of the relegation zone. That’s nowhere near acceptable. The message is the same – we have to win you ruddy idiots.

It’s Colchester away today. Let’s see what they’ve got.

How are they getting on?

Ever so slightly better than us, if the amount of goals scored is any sort of indicator.

Like us, they’ve also won one in five, losing three and drawing one. They also lost their last game. The only deviation from our similarities is that we’ve managed four points in three games, while they’ve accrued just the one.

You’d expect it to be a close one.

Who could cause us trouble?

As the highest scorers in the bottom half, they’re no stranger to finding the net, collecting 24 goals so far this season.

Freddie Sears leads the way with 9 league goals for the season, which if you’ve seen Sears career performances to date, that might surprise you. He’s always had the reputation as someone with potential, but has regularly failed to deliver. We know all about that following a pretty disappointing stint with us a few years back.

You’ll recognise the name of Sanchez Watt, another former Premiership youth teamer who is making a better fist of things at a lower level.

Cardiff loanee Rhys Healey is also doing very well, nabbing four goal in his short time with Colchester so far. I’d keep an eye on him, definitely.

Sky Blues team news

This gets more and more sporadic by the week. Just when you think we’ve found a potential solution, they put in another lacklustre performance and you’re left questioning the players all over again.

One consistent figure in the team sheet will be absent today, as Jordan Willis misses his first league game in a long while. We’ve all spotted Pressley’s desire to bring height into the side over recent weeks, so that will mean a slight rethink. You have to expect Aaron Phillips to come straight in, but I sense a little bit of reticence to play him recently, so we’ll have to see.

Mainstay Adam Barton is also at risk of missing out. Loads of you hate him regardless of how he plays, but I think that will be a miss. He’s been very consistent since his return to the side and offers at least some sense of control in the middle of our side. Conor Thomas or John Fleck will take his place in the middle.

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It was a downbeat Lamptey show this week, with recent form and this whole Wasps business starting to take its toll. Naturally, I demand victory, while the other two use standard logic which suggests a team that hasn’t won away all season probably won’t manage it while they’re in such poor form.

Joey: Colchester 3 – 1 Coventry

Neil: Colchester 0- 1 Coventry

Paul: Colchester 2 – 1 Coventry

So, what you thinking? Share your prediction below:

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