I think we can all agree that last season was largely atrocious. Our talismanic manager turned out to be incapable of victory, our players entered new realms of incompetency, and a joyous return to the Ricoh was quickly ambushed by a bunch of insect-worshiping cockneys.

It’s enough to make you stop¬†caring. And¬†I did.

So while I gave up on the blogs, one thing that did continue on here were the Player Ratings after each match. Not so much by me, but did you know that after every game you can come here and give each player a rating? Well you can, and a bunch of hardy souls did just that.

I thought I should do something with that data, so the chart below plots our players against some wonderfully spurious statements.

Please note,¬†this comes with one¬†almighty caveat – it’s only as useful as the data collected. Some weeks people rated, some weeks¬†people didn’t. So there are apparent anomalies that I’m sure you’ll disagree with, and some players end up with more ratings than others. That’s my fault for not nudging people to take a look after each game. But¬†it’s still been interesting rattling through the numbers that were submitted.

I like this method of analysis more than most. Mainly because we’re¬†creatures of impulse and only really¬†remember¬†recent events. It doesn’t take much for us to write-off a player after a game or two, but does that mean¬†they’re a bad player or don’t deserve recognition? I’m not so sure.

The story of Ryan Haynes is a particularly intriguing one. He started brilliantly and regularly put in solid performances, which were reflected in his ratings. But things got tough for him over the course of a few games, and he was soon dropped out of the first team for his own good. So when you look at the numbers his average performance rating is still decent, even if the agreed assessment of his season is than he struggled to make his mark.

We rant and rave about players so often,¬†it’s hard to assess the cumulative impact¬†they’ve had over a longer period. Of course you could argue that¬†a player is¬†only as useful as his last performance (especially if they’ve given an absolute rotter in a crucial game), but a step back to¬†judge¬†players over the course of a campaign can’t do us any harm.

So that’s what I’ve done.

Next year,¬†I’ll make a better effort to collect this after every match, ennit.

Click the image to view¬†it at massive scale…


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