It’s already a bit weird, right?

We all enjoy a tale from the olden days of football. Well, let’s pretend the year 2000 counts as the olden days (even though it was only yesterday) and spend a few minutes digesting this bonkers story from the mouth of Jay Bothroyd, who’s been speaking exclusively to 888sport*.

Picture the scene: the millennium has passed without note, wasting everyone’s time in the process; Cov are about to embark upon their crusade towards complete uselessness; and Paul Williams continues to play football professionally. In short – most people have something to be angry about, and with good reason.

I’ll let Mr Jay Bothroyd pick it up from there:

“We had a player called Runar Normann who had really quick feet and was a skillful player but he didn’t play much because he was a good left-back and a good left-winger but he wasn’t great at either. He ended up coming off the bench a lot but in training he was amazing. In one training session Paul Williams was playing right-back and Runar was left wing. Runar was tearing him up and doing double step-overs and obviously Willo was getting upset and saying what he was saying. Runar started swearing back at him.

At the time football was different and you had to respect your elders. You couldn’t run your mouth off unless you could back it up because otherwise something was going to happen.

So after training we were all in the changing room and Willo went up to him and said ‘what have you got to say now? Because you’ve been talking a lot on the pitch’. And Runar went right up to his face and said ‘f*** off’ before putting his finger in his face.

Willo smacked him and he was knocked out on the way down. Then his face hit the floor and that kind of woke him back up again. We had to pull Willo off him but obviously all the boys were laughing. It was like that scene in the Hangover when Mike Tyson punched that guy. It was funny for me but it was probably terrible for him.”

After this, Runar Normann went on to score something close to zero goals (estimate) in his professional career. Now, far be it for me to speculate on the reasons he didn’t reach the heights that maybe his talents should have taken him to, but I reckon being sparked out by Paul Williams for being good at football is definitely the explanation behind it.

Read the full 888sport interview with Bothroyd here.

*This is me giving credit like they asked me to, and like you should do too. 


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