Readers, tweeters, swearers, Onye-bashers, weepers, Keogh-worshippers, Linnell-dismissers, Thorn-cuddlers, angels, chaps, swines and pals. I do hope you’re enjoying the blame game series I’m running at the moment.

If over the last season you’ve had a laugh reading my non-stop crossness, my Twitter algorithms or even my despicably crude stick drawings, why not give Sky Blues Blog a vote in the “Best Club Specific Blog” category of the Football Blogging Awards.

Luckily it only takes 2 seconds to click the link below and submit your vote. There are some cracking blogs storming through at the moment, so while I don’t expect to win, I do feel a mini-charge brewing.

Vote for Sky Blues Blog in the Football Blogging Awards

and/or using Twitter, by posting the following tweet exactly: @thefbas @skybluesblog #club

The main self-promotion so far has been to sneak in a cheeky request at the end of other posts, and the odd tweet. But as I saw the other blogs brazenly post articles asking for votes, and subsequently gain a whole load off the back off it, I thought I may as well seize the moment and see how I get on.

In all sincerity, if you’ve read my stuff this year would like to show some support for your resident Coventry City blog by voting, or by sharing the link around for others to do so, that’d be great.



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