The people in charge get all sorts of grief from fans most of the time, so credit where it’s due – they’ve got the new kit spot on. I’m not usually someone who enjoys harking back to glory days past, as it just reminds me of how we’ve done bugger all since. I’ll make an exception for this though, given how nice it looks.

They’ve even negotiated with City Link to allow us to use a white version of their logo especially for this. Let’s face it – the City Link green and yellow logo is a bit naff, so it’s great that we’ve managed to avoid having that nonsense all over it. I always use the “would I wear it away from the football stadium?” test, and this one passes it. It’ll never beat Eustace 15 circa 2001, mind. 

Okay, I’ve been a bit cheeky and pinched this image from the official City site. I wouldn’t have thought they’ll come and batter me for doing so, as I’m being really kind about it.

Photo taken from the Official Coventry City site – go there for more photos and words: 


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