Here are the answers to those former player photos I posted yesterday, along with an explanation of the clue, where necessary. Which is pretty much most of them.

1. Careful, now. AKA Kerr-ful Brian Kerr

Kerr joined on loan in 2003, making 3 appearances before returning again two years later for a further 9 loan games for the Sky Blues. Wikipedia tells us that he attracted interest from Borussia Dortmund, but chose Motherwell instead. I’m not sure how I feel about that.


2. BJ Harvey. AKA BJarni Gudjonsson

Bjarni was a gem. He arrived on loan in 2004, earning a contract in his 18 games with the club. Things didn’t quite work out for him once he signed up, and he only managed another 10 games for the club. A travesty if you ask me. The man was great.


3. Enjoys liquorice. AKA Bertie Bassett’s mate Graham Barrett

Soz about this clue – bloody dreadful. Barrett spent three years with us having joined from Arsenal in 2003. He had a decent reputation at the time, with international recognition a regular thing for him. He scored a few goals, but his career never really went anywhere. Championship Manager lied.


4. Michael’s cousin. AKA Johnnie Jackson

We all remember Johnnie. A short but prosperous loan spell from Spurs saw him score a last minute winner against West Brom. Then they called him back, the selfish sods.


5. Good boy. AKA Good as Gould Jonathan Gould

Bobby’s son played a fair number of games for someone who was only ever Oggy’s understudy. He moved up to Scotland a year or two after leaving City and had a decent time of it with Celtic.


6. Wiggly hair. AKA Roy Wegerle

The permanently-upset Roy joined from Blackburn for a cool £1 million. He was pretty good, and attracted some odd attention from the female members of my household at the time. After football, he became a professional golfer, like you do.



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