They’ve been at it again the cheeky articles, playing tricks on everyone. This week I’ve seen no less than three versions of Alex Nimely popping up on my Twitter feed, with everyone getting hugely excited about each version and PUSB-ing the living daylights out of them.

Most of the time it’s pretty easy to spot a fraudster, but when a Steve Ogrizovic account turns up and all he talks about is his wife making his tea, those prove a little more difficult to decipher.

“What a lovely bloke being all normal on Twitter”, people thought of him. In the end, that turned out to be too normal, even for Oggy.

Luckily, our days of worrying are over.

I’ve taken the liberty of fashioning a hugely scientific (and not at all made up on my drive home from work) algorithm to help you work through the problem: is this really a footballer’s Twitter or not?

If you click the image, it’ll open up nice and large for you to read and study at your leisure.

Never again will we fall into the trap of believing that Chris Hussey wants to be our best friend, or tell us the transfer secrets of the club.

(I suppose I should give some credit to a certain Dr Sheldon Cooper, from a certain TV show, who I may have stolen the inspiration for this algorithm from).


  1. Good stuff, cheers lads – I aimed for amusing and robust in equal measure, with the key message being “stop immediately assuming everyone who says they’re a Coventry City footballer, is a Coventry City footballer”.

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