Rumours about Sammy Clingan being pursued by Leeds do not make me happy.

Having already lost King, Westwood and Gunnarsson, along with the departure of a few slightly-less important names, our squad is looking mighty slim. Times are hard, and none of us are expecting to have a Football Manager-style squad to choose from next season, but Sammy Clingan controlling the middle is the difference between a solid Coventry City midfield, and down-right shoddy one.

The annoying thing here is that we’re once again left in a situation where a player of genuine monetary value is entering the final year of his contract, so can pretty much do what he likes. Having to part company with three contract renegades this summer for sod all was bad enough, but it’s not something any club can afford to get used to.

Unfortunately – and here is where I state even more of the bleeding obvious – while this financial instability looms over us, persuading good players to extend their stay here is going to prove incredibly tricky.

So what can we do? Putting finance and any other premature judgements based on Saturday’s game aside, I do think Andy Thorn has it in him to do well for us. I have confidence in him because I think that his approach is the right approach. He’s not a miracle worker though. Lose a couple more names from the squad, whoever they may be, and we’re relying on the injury and suspension Gods to smile kindly on us (and let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen).

Lose Sammy Clingan, and we’re struggling regardless.


a) Sell Sammy, get a bit of money into the club and somehow hope we find a suitable replacement;
b) Keep Sammy, and let him go on a free come the end of the season. No money, but we keep a quality player for a year;
c) Persuade Sammy to sign a contract extension so we gain a bit more control on the situation;


d) Find out that Hoffman’s men are well rich, let them buy the club, become brilliant, and have all our good players desperate to sign extensions, whilst we fly up the league on the back of Andy Thorn’s refreshing brand of football and ability to make everyone around him feel wonderful, yet maintain an underlying thirst to succeed.

I choose D, obviously. Unfortunately, I have a sneaky feeling if he doesn’t go now, it’ll end up being secret option E: Sammy leaves for pittance in the January window – a rather annoying middle ground.

We wait in anticipation.

In other news, the notion of Clive Platt possibly going to Premiership Norwich made me laugh.


  1. This scenario’s becoming all too familiar for my liking, that’s for sure. Just wonder if there’s ever been any attempt to tie him down longer? Whether he’d even sign is another matter. I just hope he’s enjoying things a bit more with Thorn in charge – seems he wasn’t too impressed with the Coleman and Boothroyd regimes.

  2. It will be out of Thorns hands if SISU sniff a quick million. The sad business of being in debt.

  3. What a state we are in Neil. The prospect of the next 9 months makes me feel physically sick. I’ve an increasing resentment for everything associated with the club. The Anti-Sisu brigade being led a merry dance by Hoffman, the mercenary players wearing our shirt every week, the morons from the Academy appearing in my Twitter timeline every 10 mins, the idiots causing trouble after the game on Saturday, but you know the worst thing? League One beckons and as a club and fanbase, we are EXACTLY where we deserve to be. I’m only sorry you had to see me cry.

  4. Gav, my only source of comfort is Andy Thorn. From a purely footballing perspective, he’s got his head screwed on and I’m thankful that he’s leading the ship. Even if it is a shipful of twonks.I can’t bring myself to acknowledge the trouble makers. They harp on about being “real fans” because they spend all their money going to games to abuse stewards who dare ask them to sit down, and seek out violence as means of validating their “loyalty”. Degenerates.

  5. It’s Noel by the way but I forgive you as you are obviously in a state over what is happening to our club. I too am out of patience with the whole outfit. Did you see Odonovan in his post match interview ‘ If I am not playing in the first team then I will be on my way’ I would ask him to leave right now. You get picked by performance, he scores 2 goals against and inferior team and thinks he’s Ronaldo. We don’t need players with that attitude.  Hoffman: Put together a Correct Offer and you will be taken seriously, if you need help then my company is here and have been business consultants for 25 years. Sign players on water tight contracts so they have to stay. With the right management we would still have the likes of Westwood and Gunarsson and the young chap who we let go to Liverpool. However, we could finish up with a group of Hungry, passioate players that will play for the shirt and could suprise us.  We need a clear out at the top. Come on CCFC before it is too late   NoelP.Noel Lynch   0034 965 863 326  Spain Office0034 699 268 917  Spain Mobile0044 7768 637807 UK Mobile01564 770383       UK Office Opposite Mailboxes ETC.     0034 699 268 9170044 7768 637807   

  6. I know things look bleak but we have to be realistic, we are not in administration and nor are we 25 minutes from going out of business altogether (I hope!). I think Andy Thorn is our greatest asset at the moment, he knows all the players well and as we saw at the end of last season he seems to know how to get the best out of them. Lets hope Andy can get the team to hold their own in the league until the turn of the year when hopefully someone, SISU, Hoffman, whoever, can bring in the finance we need to ensure we survive in the championship.With the new league rules coming into force soon probably our main priority is to get ownership (either in full or in part) of the Ricoh because without that income I really believe we will be in deep trouble.As ever all we fans can do is hope for the best. PUSB!

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