The pre-game ramble: Barnet

Win convincingly and not only will we go top for three hours, but there’s a chance you might even enjoy that bonus afternoon trip to Central Six.

We’re doing it, chappettes and Mr chappettes. Don’t try to fight it. We’ve actually found a league that is so bad, even Coventry City can look good in it.

Thanks to those people at Sky we now have an opportunity to show the country – nay, the planet – just what we’re all about. And while I don’t believe we’ve come anywhere close to hitting our stride, I do believe we still have enough in our ranks to prove ourselves in front of the cameras.

Sure, we’re missing our duck-winged talisman up front while he’s in Japan sampling some of the finest sanitation the world has to offer. But let’s be honest, has Nazon really been the star of the show during September, or is Jodi Jones the crucial difference between a threatening and boring Coventry City?

It’s certainly something I’ve been pondering, but no question is as important as the following: has JJ buzzed all that hair off, or does his famous barnet remain?

If he still has the locks and his powers, you’d like to believe the team we’re playing – the lesser-known “Barnet” – are in for a torrid lunchtime.

How are they getting on?

*Loads up BBC website*

I’m not going to even pretend I give a monkeys about anything other than the top of the table. If you aren’t above Coventry City, I ain’t interested. That’s probably (definitely) the whisky talking, but the days of obsessing over what’s going on in the bottom half are over. For my own happiness, promotion has to be my only focus. If we fall away, I just wont look.

That’s not being dismissive of Barnet or what they offer. Sure, their form may suggest a team that is struggling at the moment, but a lifetime of watching football has taught me that every run is breakable. A TV match and over-confidence (this blogger’s current affliction) can be a dangerous concoction.

For the record, they’re currently 18th in the league, having failed to win for a month and lost their last three games.

However, if you’re the sort of person that enjoys being worried, they’ve actually scored more goals than us, won three whole games, and grabbed two draws. It’s not an absolutely terrible record.

My advice? We need to be mindful.

Who could cause us trouble?

There is one man, and that is Player of the Month Shaquille Coulthirst.

To get player of the month when your team is playing completely dreadfully is a real feat, so the five goals in the last seven appearances that Shaq has managed will certainly capture the attention – it’s a big deal for any player.

He’s fast, skillful, and has even played European football having made his Europa League debut against mental-spending Anzhi Makhachkala in 2013 for The Tottingham Hotspurs.

Make no mistake; he’s good, and is absolutely flying.

Sky Blues team news

Much of this depends on whether Robins thinks he can trust Devon Kelly-Evans. Sure, he rested him during the week, but there’s a part of me that thinks he’ll come over with a case of the Vincentis and find a way to include Big Pete.

Duckens Nazon has buggered off on international duty with Haiti, so while he is experiencing the technological wonders of Japan, his teammates are marvelling in the naffness of Harry Shaw and Barnet. We seem to be left with a straight choice between McNulty and Beavon to partner Biamou up front, and based on previous selections, you have to fancy McNulty to get the nod.

There’s also a rumour that Doyle’s in a bit of trouble for some nippy behaviour against Swindon, but nothing’s come of that just yet so he’s probably got away with it and will continue to cultivate his sturdy partnership with Kelly in the middle.


I know the TV adds an indefinable level of pressure on the players, but as long as we’ve got an on-form Jodi Jones; a battling Doyle and Kelly sorting out the midfield; and a continually impressive Jordney controlling defence – I reckon we’ve got this game in the bag.

Barnet 0 – 2 Coventry

Image credit: By yellow book ltd [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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