So, here we are. The day many of us thought could never happen has finally arrived. Six-pissing-fields. Northampton-pissing-Town. Nowhere-pissing-near us.

Liquidation and home fixtures in a county I’ve never even been to. This is without doubt the lowest point in our history, I don’t care what you say.

On a familiarly selfish note, this was supposed to be the year of the blog too. I had so many ideas; so many ways of making this the Fleur de Force of the Coventry City blog world (look it up). I didn’t bother in the end though. How could I justify having such a grand website when I’d hardly ever be at the games? I just couldn’t.

They’ve proper ruined this, haven’t they? They’ve ruined everything.

Argh, let’s just look at Bristol before I lose my rag again.

How are they getting on?

Having scraped their way out of relegation trouble in 2012 – the year we fell down the Championship stairs – they finally succumbed the following season and will still be nursing the financial and mental scars that accompany such a fall.

As we know all too well, it can take a while to get to grips with things in League One, so I’m sure this opening month or so will have a range of weird results for the fans to absorb and get angry over. The Robins, by the standards of a recent Championship team, messed up their opening game at home to Bradford, dropping the lead twice to finish with a 2-2 draw. But following a morale-lifting victory against Gillingham on Tuesday, it’s clear this club could go either way.

If you ask me, and as I stare at their squad list, I reckon they’re going to be good. They’ve all the signs of a club primed for an immediate returns – not dissimilar to us last season – aside from the fact that they’re not us, which makes that actually feasible.

Who could cause us trouble?

Baldock, Emmanuel-Thomas, Wagstaff, Kilkenny, Pack, even Marlon Harewood – all players who could give us a right hiding if they fancied it.

For me, Emmanuel-Thomas is the danger. He’s big, and seeing as we’re pretty bully-able at the moment, that could be enough to give him the edge. He’s started life at his new club well too, so there’s obviously the confidence factor to be alert to.

Sky Blues team news

Pressley’s brought in a couple of new guys, and it’d be unthinkable if he didn’t bring them straight into the squad. Of the two, Andy Webster is banged on to join the centre of that defence in place of one of the Jordans. Experience-wise, Pressley might stick with Clarke, but Willis is the more natural central player. It’s going to be an interesting call.

The other new boy Manset has come in, and while I wouldn’t ideally fancy him leapfrogging Wilson up front, with the absence of Carl Baker on the right, this could see him straight into the team and Wilson dropping back to the wing.

Of course, there are other midfield options for that side. Moussa could move right; so could Barton, although I really doubt that. Fleck could even swap with Moussa. Again – it’s an intriguing call.


It’s going to feel very strange. As disgusted as I am that this game is taking place in the location it is, I still hope we can get a grip of ourselves defensively and start winning. Just in an empty-ish stadium.

I can’t really see it, though. Here are the Lamptey predictions:

Joey: Coventry 1 – 1 Bristol C

Paul: Coventry 2 – 1 Bristol C

Neil: Coventry 0 – 2 Bristol C


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