Results last night showed us a couple of things. Firstly, teams at the bottom of the league can play those up the top and beat them – easily.

Secondly, we need to fix our lack of goals away from home, quick-sharp, if we’re going to offer ourselves any hope.

If a lowly Nottingham Forest can go to Elland Road and equal our entire season’s away goals tally in one fell swoop, it’s a bit of an eye opener. I refuse to believe that we’re actually so crap that we’re fundamentally incapable of winning games away from home – even if we have to rely on a little bit of luck, playing a blinder, and potentially grab a 1 – 0.

But it seems to be deep into the realms of fantasy that we could ever score that many goals in a match. It would never happen. We simply don’t have the attacking drive to do such a thing.

So how are we going to approach Cardiff?

We need the points. While in the grand scheme of things a defeat to Cardiff City is by no means a disgrace, in the context of these final few games, we can’t really afford not to come away with anything. A loss would make it 3 points out of a potential 15 – the equivalent of a single win in five. That doesn’t look great. Unbeaten in three clearly sounds better, but it’s really not.

How are they getting on?

They were flying, but since the Carling Cup loss, they’ve been flagging a little. They’re still well in the play-off mix, and a win (following Birmingham’s defeat last night) would move them back into top 6. Incentive if ever there was one to give us a right old tonking.

Who could cause us trouble?

We rarely play a team without ex City players nowadays. This one feels a little more competitive however, as it was two of our most prominent players who made the switch in the summer. Gunny was bound to bugger off, so as unfortunate as that was – we always expected it.

Ben Turner on the other hand had signed a juicy contract, and hadn’t even returned from injury when he was sold for an absolute pittance. He was a revelation in the half-season he had last year, and while it stirred up some debate at the time, I don’t think anyone can deny that we lost a hell of a player. Typically, they’re both likely to make us cry in some form.

Coventry kid Peter Whittingham is miles better than the majority of our players, and always gives us right grief. Assume he’ll do the same again this evening.

Saying all that, I haven’t really had a chance to check on their injury situation, so for all I know, one (or more) of them could be out. Wouldn’t that be sweet.

Sky Blues team news

David Bell is still injured, so he won’t be able to offer us a much needed option on the right-hand side. Decent individual performances were few and far between against Watford, which normally gives an opportunity to shake things up. Thing is, we drew again, and kept a clean sheet, so regardless of how well individuals played, I can see Thorn being reluctant to change too much. The only potential swap could be to bring Cody McDonald in for a knackered Clive Platt.

Deegan also looked out of sorts, but with few alternatives, he’s likely to keep his starting place.


My predicting powers have been ridiculously good just lately. I think it’s three in a row now.

Unfortunately, while absolutely desperate to get something from the game, I think Cardiff will be too strong. 2 – 0 to them, I’m afraid.

I know – Boo, me. I still like Coventry though. Honest.

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