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Off we go again to the home that dare not speak its name, and somewhat outrageously, we’re already entering a match with the opportunity to exit the relegation zone. I look back to last season and the times we were concerned that 4 points off the play-offs in January was insurmountable, and yet here were are hauling back 10 points in little over a month.

There’s no firm point to that statement, because clearly losing ten points to start a campaign is worse than having to make up points in a normal sense. But these scenarios always make me think. Mainly about how often we’ve worried about things and told ourselves they’re not achievable, when in reality a lot of them haven’t been as bad as they seemed at the time. Two games can swing the world around in football.

But back to now, and a win will see us with a better points total than at this point last season, and I tell you what, if we get it – all bets are off. There’s no telling what we could achieve. Heaven forbid I ignore the despicable stadium issue for a second, but if the way they are playing at the moment is a standard that comes comfortably to them, then the rest of the league is in trouble.

The metaphorical barrier this week is Gillingham, who come in search of a first victory.

The literal one is most probably Ade Akinfenwa, the man with super-sized biceps, all over his body.

How are they getting on?

No good at all. They’re essentially us, last season. 3 points by mid-September thanks to 3 draws, and not a single victory on the board. Things are getting pretty desperate.

Saying that, they’ve only lost one in four in the league. But their last game was a defeat, and as we’ve discussed on multiple occasions, that’s the one that confirms this as a bad run.

Win the last game, and they’re unbeaten in four – woo.

Lose the last game, and they still haven’t won all season – boo. And that’s the one they’ve gone for.

Who could cause us trouble?

Lovely Cody McDonald plays for them, which should be fun. He’s got one goal so far this season. Presumably he’ll get some grief from our 58 (approx) fans, but I never quite understand why someone like him should get booed. He didn’t do anything wrong – admittedly some will suggest he didn’t do anything at all, but his biggest problem is he was never really afforded the same concerted opportunity as some of the other strikers we brought in. He was never a main striker.

But nevermind, this is the football pantomime. He’ll live. It’s not quite the same as being booed by your own lot.

What’s even more fun than Cody’s return is Ade Akinfenwa being up front. I say fun, but for all the novelty factor of having a striker who is half man/half bison, there’s a very real nuisance to contend with. Jordan Clarke, I’m looking at you.

Danny Kedwell is also an experienced striker who helped fire the Gills to League One last season with 16 goals, including the goal that sealed promotion. I’ve no idea if he’s playing much at the moment, but he’s got a couple of goals so far this year, so take note.

Sky Blues team news

Unless there are any injuries I don’t know about, the team pretty much picks itself. You can’t dominate a game like they did against Colchester and be worried about losing your place. Great performances are rewarded, natürlich.

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It’s clear that the boys are riding the crest of a wave, and the Niis know that. We all reckon if they play anywhere close to the previous match, they’ll do the business in emphatic style.

Joey: 3-0

Paul: 4-0

Neil: 4-0

If you’re interested in how we’re getting on with these predictions, keep an eye on the Lamptey Prediction League.


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  1. jesus, their is a bucketful of optimism from joey, paul and neil. I am cautiously optimistic but I reckon it will be a tense 2-1 victory. this would put us on a magnificent 4 points, this after just seven games, beyond my wildest dreams….

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