Arghh! I’m not sure I can handle this. It seems in the last ten days we’ve done the bare minimum in ensuring we at least defer judgement day for a little longer. Don’t get me wrong – I do appreciate the effort by the team, and lord knows a draw away at Burnley with ten men is by no means a disgrace.

Unfortunately, this isn’t October. Admirable draws and scraped points don’t have much of a place in a relegation fight where you’re four points behind with three games to go. We’ve run out of time folks, and no matter how well we play, how hard we fight, how unlucky we get – none of this matters anymore. If we want to stay up, we need to win games. All of them. Every last bleeding one.

The requirement is extraordinary form, just to give us a chance.

So in light of this, please forgive us Mr Murphy if we get a little impatient with your Scunthorpe “an away draw is a win” mentality when there’s just four games left and we need to win three of the swines.

Unfortunately, we can’t show normal season-long perspective any longer. There is NO time. We’ve put up with you settling for draws all season long – heaven forbid we actually now want you to win one of these final games. That is why we yelp and squeal about hurrying up. We’d really prefer if you didn’t tell us to fuck off.

Because unlike you, we’re not used to relegation round these parts. Shockingly, we’ve only had it once in 54 years.

Now, avoiding relegation – we actually know a thing or two about it. We know what it takes for a team to get out of positions like this..

Trust us.

Sky Blues. Shooting to win.

So, to the ramble. What of Millwall…

How are they getting on?

For a while, it looked like they’d be one of the teams in the relegation shake up. They were always on the periphery of things, but three wins on the bounce has put pay to that. They’re safe, and deservedly so.

They’ve actually only lost one in six games, winning four of those. Admittedly, some of those have been against teams out of form, but they’re not a soft touch. We’re going to have to work mighty hard to beat them.

Who could cause us trouble?

Henderson, Kane, Keogh, to name just three. They’re all having an impact this season. Henderson is the top scorer with a frankly stunning 19 goals, although he’s not played in the last three games. Rumour has it he might return to the squad tomorrow, mind.

Young Harry Kane has come from Spurs, and has a one in three record this year, which is impressive however you look at it. I haven’t seen too much of him at Millwall, but remember watching him earlier this season in Spurs’ Europa League games, and he’s quite a specimen.

Andy Keogh is Andy Keogh. A cluster of energy and will make himself a nuisance up front.

That’s only really looking at the attacking options, but I could go on – their squad is deceptively useful.

Sky Blues team news

Only five first teamers joined the training session earlier this week. What’s the deal with that?

Apparently Thorn’s not overly concerned though. Cyrus Christie aside (who’s out for the rest of the campaign following his injury at Burnley), he should be able to pick a reasonably similar squad to the one that travelled to Turf Moor.

David Bell made a surprise return on Saturday from his lengthy absence, and was unsurprisingly off the pace and off-form. Millwall are (excuse the cliché) a tough team – will Thorn fancy bringing Bigi back into this game? I’m not so sure. It might be time for Deegan to make a swift return to the starting line up.

I thought the rotation up front was working, but we’re struggling to find a rhythm right now. Big Clive came on and scored the other day though – that’s likely to be enough to bring him back into the eleven. Your guess is as good as mine as to who’ll partner him. We need a spark from somewhere.


I was right again on Saturday with the 1-1. It’ll be just like us to take things to another game – I expect a tetchy, angry and ludicriously tense 2-1 win to us. Please.


  1. You’re right about Murphy always time-wasting, although to be fair Saturday was the one day when that was undertstandable. He shouldn’t be speaking to fans like that though.

  2. Ahh god we lost, absolutely gutted, do you reckon it is even still possible to stay up now? Gotta hope for a miracle, i dont blame mccsheffers a lot of pressure on him, he new the importance of that penalty.

  3. Ahh god we lost, absolutely gutted, do you reckon it is even still possible to stay up now? Gotta hope for a miracle, i dont blame mccsheffers a lot of pressure on him, he new the importance of that penalty.

  4. CCFC Deceased, we are not yet relegated, we still have a very small put possible chance, Bristol could easily lose there last two games, its not over to the fat lady sings. PUSB

  5. Well I certainly admire your optimism, but after the showing last night, the chances of even winning one of our last two games looks slim. The players are totally deflated. People point to the off-pitch issues, but that’s not the single point of blame. Even with the despicable squad we’ve got, they’ve thrown too many opportunities away this year; be it missed chances, blown leads or blazed penalties. I know every team can point to these moments throughout the course of a campaign, but our lack of conviction in matches (and subsequent record of being punished for it) is sensationally bad.

  6. If only those who ran the club felt as much about it as you do. I fear their primary motivator is money/profit. The quality of the team and contentness of the fans is pretty low on their agenda if at all, as proved by the recent rumours of liquidation.

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