Cuppety cup, cuppety cup. Cuppety cup, cuppety cup. Cuppety cup, cuppety cup.*

You know the rest.

It’s the cup. We like the cup this season, don’t we?

What we don’t like however is playing at home. How will things go down with the visit of League Two’s Morecambe? Let’s me have a think.

In honour of the occasion, I’ve taken the liberty of writing this in good time, and not 3 minutes before kick-off (on my phone).

*Sung to the tune of Blankety Blank.

How are they getting on?

On the whole their season’s performance isn’t too dissimilar to ours – only in the league below.

They’re 16th in League two, with a slightly worse goal difference than us, having won one more game. They’ve lost 6 away though, which stands out as being a bit of an issue for them. It’d be nice if we could take advantage of that.

More recently, they’ve had a bit of a weird time of things as they’ve managed to sandwich back-to-back defeats with victories against Barnet and Wimbledon respectively.

They may have won their previous game, but manager Jim Bentley was less than overjoyed:

It was a shocking team performance and I’m not happy. I can’t enjoy it because I know we’re capable of much more.

Corr, feel that rage. That’ll learn them for winning. I quite like it.

You get the feeling he expects much better, so beware of that. They might give us a decent game, but we should be thinking about ultimately winning with a decent amount comfort.

Who could cause us trouble?

Last game’s hat-trick hero Kevin Ellison (or simply Ellison, or Kevin, as discussed in this week’s lamptey) is now their leading scorer and will obviously be brimming with confidence. He single-handedly won them that game, according to Bentley.

They’ll be without a couple of loanees like us, but striker Jack Redshaw should play. He has 7 goals this season and was top scorer until our Kevin went crazy last weekend.

Sky Blues team news

We’d love to play David McGoldrick, but aren’t allowed to because the killjoys at Forest deem it undermines the regime. Or they don’t want him cup-tied. Either way, it’s a shame, but opens up a world of possibilities for Robins in the forward areas.

Roy O’Donovan has worked his way back into first team favour, but I reckon we’re more likely to see either Cody McDonald or Callum Ball as the direct replacement for McGoldrick.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if Robins views the absence of McGoldrick as an opportunity to tinker with the formation. His favoured shape so far has been to couple McGoldrick with a more deep-lying forward who wants to link the attack and midfield (Moussa or McSheffrey). With the sole aim to win and gain confidence, maybe we’ll see a bit of Ball and Cody action? Just a thought, but it could happen.

Bailey is also unavailable, so Barton or Moussa seem primed to join Jennings in the centre of midfield. Neither strikes me as a particularly solid partnership, but it did the trick against Arlesey so look out for that.

Generally, you get the impression that Robins is going to take the opportunity to fiddle with things and introduce fresh faces to the squad. Noises from most recent interview is that young recruit Leon Lobjoit might find himself a place on the bench, which could get quite exciting if he comes on. Apparently he looked bloody brilliant in the recent development squad game against Leicester.


You may have noticed that I’ve gone 3-1 crazy just lately. Things could feel a little different with the changes to the line-up, but I’m going to go for that again. Last night I had a dream that Gary McSheffrey was good, all over again. It has to be a sign.

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