Bad news, I am absent at the moment so this ramble comes to you via a mobile in a Disneyland hotel. Far more exciting than the kitchen I used on Tuesday night, at least.

While I can’t provide you will a full blown run down of my feelings, mainly because they are currently focused firmly towards buying some Mickey Mouse ears before the day’s out, the result during the week has left me suitably excited about our prospects this weekend.

If you’re going, enjoy it – I hope it’s another great result and performance for you to lust over. Although I doubt any of you could match the fun I’m having eating my body weight in waffles and overdosing on French people conveniently forgetting that I WAS HERE FIRST.

Win today’s match-up with Walsall and we could be a top half side by the end of the day. Not bad for a side without a home, starting with -10 points, and riddled with in-fighting and a bunch of chronic dipsticks responsible for this mess.

How are they getting on?

They’re never the most fashionable team in the league, but for the majority of 2013 Walsall have proven themselves to be a match for anyone at this level. They gave the play-offs an unlikely shot last season but just missed out, and yet here they are again – back in the early running for a top 6 space.

As for recent form, they’ve lost one in eight, so that should tell you everything you need to know about their capabilities. As phenomenal as we are, I can’t see us giving them another tonking like we managed last December though. They’ll make this tough.

Who could cause us trouble?

I’ll admit, I’m abroad so my research is as limited as the time I have to write this. What I do know however is that Will Grigg, master goal scorer from last season, has moved on, so they’ve had to find a new guy to lead the line. Craig Westcarr is trying his best to do that with 6 league goals this season – a more than respectable return for a team which actually hasn’t scored that many at all.

Sky Blues team news

What changes can you make to a side that has just walloped the unbeaten league leaders? Injuries permitting, we’re going for the same side as Tuesday. Jordan Clarke patrolling the defence, Fleck and Thomas controlling the middle, Clarke and Wilson leading the line, and Franck Moussa scaring the defence with his wiggliness and lob wedge of a right foot. Lovely.

As for the rest of our lineup, you can now choose your own team at


The Niis just can’t seem to agree. Some resounding positivity this week, tinged with a hint of normality..
Joey: Walsall 2 – 1 Coventry

Neil: Walsall 1 – 3 Coventry

Paul: Walsall 0 – 2 Coventry


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  1. Great to be with all the fans today at Walsall to see the boys fight and battle and above all graft to a fabulous victory. Sad and angry again on thejourney home listening to the Sky Blues Six fields supporters slagging off the other 90% of their own fans as to how we are to blame for when we lose players in the January window by not going to Northampton.

    So impressed am I with my fellow supporters who can now see the future before it happens perhaps they should give me the six numbers for next weeks lottery draw and i would happily buy an improved contract for each and every one of the players out there today.
    But maybe we should revert to reality and ask SISU to enjoy crowds of over twenty thousand plus and make a sensible business decision to return to the RICOH to guarrentee we keep every member of the squad. How dare you try to place the blame on our shoulders, you really really just don’t get it do you. I love my club I stand for my beliefs I will not support an organization that has taken my club from my city, I ask you to do the same but you are happy to support second best, you will never achieve anything in life with that attitude. Again I ask you to stand together as one group of fans, your comments are unhelpful and at worse spiteful, think about what you are saying before you open your mouth, this is not the way to unite this club.

    Still smiling though!!


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