He’s been off the radar for a while, but Andy Thorn is back in the game and starting to eye up work.

Now, I’m not one for digging up old graves, but there are a few things that have been printed recently that are either misleading, confusing, or just plain wrong.

A chat with Keys and Gray

The TalkSport interview with Keys and Gray last week was interesting, but I rather suspect some of the messages that were brought to attention off the back of that, weren’t the messages that Thorn himself was looking to highlight.

Most of you will have heard or read the gist of what he said by now, but as a general overview, he spoke quite respectfully about his time at the club and his disappointment at the budgetary constraints he had to deal with. It was no great surprise that he allowed this to be the main thrust of his responses, or that he spoke very little about the football side of things. However, the overwhelming reaction afterwards honed-in on the comments he made on the circumstances around his departure more than anything else.

It was obviously not going to be the most glowing endorsement of our leadership, but of all his thoughts, the headline remark was positioned as:

Thorn: I was sacked as Coventry boss by text

I was dubious. Having listened back over this, I’m not very happy with this inference. He’s never been the clearest of communicators, and it would appear that on this occasion he was happy to allow words to be placed into his mouth, rather than be unequivocal about what actually happened.

In fairness, he was the one who brought up the notion of being sacked by text, which if true, he’s right to flag it up. However, when he elaborated further, it seemed to become clear that he hadn’t actually received a sacking by text at all..

“There was a text message asking me to go to the board room”. But he was too late, so..

“I got a phone call on the way home”, he explained.

So from that, is it fair for journos to simply dismiss his explanation, and focus on something that could quite clearly be wrong?

He back-tracked a little, but by that point Keys had run with the notion, misconstrued it, and a shock headline was born.

It may seem a trivial thing to get overwrought about, but you can’t go saying stuff like this about people if it didn’t actually happen. Especially as the act of giving bad news by text is about as popular as a Jimmy Saville bumbag.

The search for a new job

The second peculiar item is regarding Andy’s quest for a new managerial role. He was always a hard-worker, and I’m sure we all wish him well. To assist him in this search, he’s now being represented by a company called Full Contact.

This has already done the rounds on the forums I believe, but for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, do take a read of their announcement welcoming him and in particular the crudely put-together statements about his achievements at Cov.

One passage left me especially gobsmacked:

Perhaps the legacy of Andy’s tenure at Coventry will be that he successfully acquired numerous players on free transfers,  all of whom soon became considerable assets to the club (most of whom were sold on promptly), such as Jordan Henderson, Jack Cork, Danny Fox, Scott Dann, Keiron Westwood, Richard Keogh, Anar Gunnarsson and Lucas Jutkewitcz.

Really? I know we’re not privy to the exact figures behind our transfer dealings, but it only takes a cursory glance to realise something’s not entirely accurate about all that. Let’s look at this a little more..

  • Henderson – Joined on loan. Never our asset.
  • Cork – Joined on loan. Never our asset.
  • Danny Fox – Cost a fee. Sold for a pittance.
  • Scott Dann – Cost a fee. Sold for a good fee.
  • Keiren Westwood – Cost a fee. Left for bugger all.
  • Richard Keogh – Cost bugger all. Left for bugger all.
  • Aron Gunnarsson – Cost a fee. Left for bugger all.
  • Lukas Jutkiewicz – Cost a fee. Left for an uninspiring fee.

Andy, I love you and especially how sweet you look in jumpers, but you may want to have a word about this. There’s stretching the truth, and then there’s claiming that Jordan Henderson was ever the property of Coventry City football club. You cheeky article.


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