Some marvellous, if unsurprising news this lunchtime, with the club confirming they’ve appointed Andy Thorn as manager

He’s earned it. For years we’ve dragged in manager after manager who will throw 11 decent players into a 4-4-2 formation and somehow think that’s enough. There’s rarely been any method behind it.

Thorn’s come in and shown a completely different approach to managing this team. That in my view gives him a better chance at succeeding here – someone’s got to knock the club and its mindset (including that of the fans) into the 21st century. 

Gary McAllister and Roland Nilsson were the only other two managers to really try to implement a culture of quality football. Unfortunately Gary Mac had bugger all to work with so gave up trying to play good football with bad players, and ended up with bad football with even worse players.

Roland on the other hand had a lovely exciting style, which was memorably infected by Jim Smith sticking his nose in. 

Andy’s right in saying that we’ve a really good core of footballers here. Where we lack at the moment is in the depth of the squad, and the basic quality of the players who have to come in and supplement the Clingans, Kings, Cranies, McSheffreys; the genuine ability in our team. The other guys are more than capable of a really good performance, but really struggle for the same consistency.

So if Thorn gets some backing to pad out the squad with a bit more quality, or can work some magic to turn the guys like Baker, Jutkiewicz and Bell into players who can produce consistently, he’ll do very well. It was vital we sorted the manager situation out as soon as possible, as he now knows he’s got an entire summer to continue moulding his team.

This brings me nicely on to the other semi-good news today, as reported by the Coventry Telegraph, that the board have offered new contracts to Westwood, Gunnarsson and King.

I say ‘semi’, as let’s be honest, Westwood’s more than likely going to be off. It’s the statement of intent that I appreciate though – the gesture – which shows our club to be keen to push on.

Only a month ago it was doom and gloom, with us fighting desperately against administration, and the seemingly real threat of relegation. Luckily for us, Thorn’s arrival came at the perfect time, and as it transpired, the other teams at the bottom never looked likely to catch us up anyway. 

Things have gone ever so slightly wayward over the last couple of games, so what we can’t forget about is the best way of encouraging the fans – going out and performing on the pitch too. It’s also worth noting that this off-the-pitch news is great internally, but a strong footballing finish is vital in shaping how other teams, players and prospective transfer targets view Coventry City going into what’s looking likely to be a very interesting summer.

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