It’s a little late, but I have a selection of words to say about Coventry’s first week of the season.

We’re only 13 days in, but all in all, it ain’t been too bad. First game was spot on. The League cup, nobody could give a fig about so we all ignored it. And Watford, we’re all agreed we were diabolical, but the ending to that match was exactly why I send myself off to watch this football team. When things like that occur, it renders everything magnificent.

Of course, there are always gripes (some trivial) :

  • I still can’t see where Doyle has gained this reputation as a “hard-man” from. 
  • Wins breed wins, so we could have done with smashing Morecambe.
  • Why does Ben Turner make it so bloody hard to trust him?
  • Drunken fat fools talking utter bullshine during the Watford game, then leaving 10 mins before the end. Some people.
  • “You don’t know what you’re doing”…. 3 games in, and people are already shouting this to Aidy. Have they run mad? Weren’t keen.

But to be frank, I don’t really care about the gripes at the moment. We’ve started well again, let’s see if we’ve finally got a manager who can sustain it beyond August. 

And even if he can’t, I’ve seen enough already to show me that he knows what he’s talking about. He’s all about winning, and that ticks a rather large box with me.

Positives so far..

Nathan Cameron – There’s no way he’s 18.
Richard Keogh – Like a maniac in the playground and I love him for it.
Freddy Eastwood – Boothy knows how to get best out of him.
Clive Platt – If I slagged Clive beforehand, I take it all back now. That point against Watford was his.
The fightback vs. Watford – You become so accustomed to us rolling over and accepting defeat, you don’t expect things like that to happen. I’m going to Vicarage Road every year.

Negatives (only where there’s a genuine concern … )

Poor performance vs. Watford – The comeback was great, everything else about the game (until big Clive came on) was a pile of Mark Bright. We can’t drop to those levels again.
Turner’s performance vs. Watford. I really want this guy to be good, but he really struggles to string back-to-back performances together. I’d keep an eye on him.


Well, those are my thoughts so far. Pretty standard start for us. 

I shouldn’t say it, given how the team reacted everytime I wrote it last year… but let’s keep it going.


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