While people with more patience than me continue to blog like mental (some are doing a jolly good job of it, I might add), I have placed myself on what I believe to be a well-deserved break, reducing my output to the occasional flippant remark on Twitter.

But this administration is dragging a bit, isn’t it? I’ve grown restless and find myself in a quandary.

I want to keep things ticking over, but have nothing additional to contribute to the debate just now. I know we’re all very passionate about getting a resolution, but the topic of discussion has also grown very cyclical, and anything I do say would be little more than a desperate scramble for a profound statement or two.

We all know the situation by now – most of us have made up our minds on it, too. The club’s on its arse, the administrator has handed it to some strange subsidiary company of our current owners, and pigheadedness is rife as the lads in charge swear blind that playing at the Ricoh isn’t an option, when it bloody well should be.

My mindset has become fairly straightforward as this has evolved. At its core, this whole saga appears to have risen through stubbornness. Egos and mindgames are preventing a sane solution – even in the short term.

I simply want an agreement to get us back at the Ricoh, and I want us out of administration. Those two issues are time-bound, and need sorting as soon as possible so we can actually get back to being football supporters in time for the new season. They’ve already ruined last season for us – I can’t deal with another waste of my time. They can sort out their financial conflict on their own time, the raving idiots.

Oh, and I’m not going anywhere else. It’s not convenient.

Bit of a laugh..

That’s where I am, and I don’t really have anything else to say right now. So in lieu of anything more interesting, I thought I’d share a few photos of former players. Look at them, looking all former and obscure.

But can you name them? I’ve placed outrageously tenuous clues alongside each image, although you may not need them.

This ought to take your mind off the annoying stuff for a few minutes, at least. I’ll post the answers later like a good boy.

1. Careful, now.


2. BJ Harvey.


3. Enjoys liquorice.


4. Michael’s cousin.


5. Good boy.


6. Wiggly hair.



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